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Our approximately 1,900 employees conduct projects for customers from the broadest range of areas such as the healthcare, financial and automotive sectors. We inspire with diversity and impressive specifications and transform visions into innovations.

Our versatility sets us apart from other service providers in our sector. Thanks to our employees’ skills, strong company structures and mature partnerships, we are broad-based and can operate using complex processes. And our success with customers shows that our approach is the right one: successful projects and satisfied customers are the standards by which we measure our expertise and market position. After all, we want to lead the way in designing and reshaping digital worlds.

  • Grafik: brand eins Auszeichnung "Beste Berate 2018"


    Best Consultants 2018

    For the forth time T-Systems Multimedia Solutions was awarded one of the Best Consultants by the independent business magazine brans eins. As digital service provider we accompanied customers and partners from “technology & telecommunication” and “internet & e-commerce”. Our support comprised sectors like “IT-implementation”, “IT-strategy”, “digitisation” and “data analytics & big data”. Brand eins not only questioned customers but also market specialists and competitors: all of them were convinced to the performance of T-Systems Multimedia Solutions and gave high assessment of our work.

  • Beste Arbeitgeber Deutschland


    Best Employers in Germany

    T-Systems Multimedia Solutions was once again named one of the 100 best employers in 2018. In addition, the awards in the sectors of ICT and systems houses were added.
    The award went to companies that offer their employees a particularly good and attractive corporate culture. The evaluation basis of the competition was a survey of employees on central workplace issues such as trust in managers, quality of cooperation, career development opportunities, remuneration, health promotion and work-life balance.

  • Grafik: T-Systems Multimedia Solutions ist bester IT-Sicherheitsberater in Deutschland


    Outstanding Security Performance Award (OSPA)

    The Outstanding Security Performance Awards recognize outstanding achievements and successes of companies and individuals from the security industry. The criteria are based on comprehensive research into the key factors that characterise or contribute to a particular performance. The awards are organized in cooperation with security associations and groups from numerous countries.


    ISG Provider Lens 2017: Digital Workspace Services & Solutions

    T-Systems Multimedia Solutions and T-Systems are the leaders in the "Social Business Transformation Consulting" category - according to a study by the Information Service Group (ISG). It covers 15 market categories and evaluates over 130 relevant providers, giving decision-makers an overview of the most important trends and the most important providers in the field of digital workspace in Germany.

  • Grafik: brand eins Auszeichnung "Beste Berate 2017"


    Best Consultants 2017

    The independent business magazine brand eins has once again identified the best consultants in Germany's largest consulting survey: T-Systems Multimedia Solutions was once again named one of the "Best Consultants 2017". And that in five categories. As in the previous year, the "IT Strategy" and "IT Implementation" areas are included. The digital service provider also made it onto the list of the best in the categories "Internet & E-Commerce", "Digitalization" and "Data Analytics & Big Data".

  • Grafik zur Auszeichnung Social Business Vendor Benchmark 2017


    Social Business Vendor Benchmark 2017

    In the Experton Group's "Social Business Vendor Benchmark 2017" provider comparison, T-Systems and T-Systems Multimedia Solutions were rated "Leader" in the "Social Transformation - Consulting & Integration" category for the fourth time in succession.



In addition to our head office in Dresden, T-Systems Multimedia Solutions also has six other sites in Germany: in Berlin, Bonn, Hamburg, Jena, Munich and Stuttgart. This area provides contact details and information about how to find us.

Office address:

T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH

Riesaer Straße 5

01129 Dresden
Postal address:

T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH

Postfach 10 02 24

01072 Dresden
Tel.: +49 351 - 2820 - 0

Fax: +49 351 - 2820 - 5115


Office address:

T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH

Hamburg office:

Binderstraße 26 - 32

20146 Hamburg
Tel.: +49 40 - 570062 - 8011


Office address:

T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH
Stuttgart office:

Fasanenweg 5

70771 Leinfelden-Echterdingen
Tel.: +49 711 - 9996 - 681


Office address:

T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH
Winterfeldtstraße 21

10781 Berlin
Postal address:
14048 Berlin
Tel.: +49 30 - 275 833 - 8400

Fax: +49 30 - 275 833 - 8403


Office address:

T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH

Munich office
Dachauer Str. 651
80995 München
Tel.: +49 89 - 54550 - 1718


Office address:
T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH

Bonn office
Godesberger Allee 83

53175 Bonn

Tel.: +49 228 - 181 - 24141


Office address:

T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH
Jena office

Goethestr. 3b

07743 Jena
Tel.: +49 3641 - 62889 - 0

  • Portrait: Susanne Heger | Geschäftsführung | T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH


    „Creative solutions and innovations
    require a creative working atmosphere.“

    Susanne Heger

    Managing Director

  • Ralf Pechmann



    Ralf Pechmann

    Managing Director


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Register on our partner portal and chat to T-Systems Multimedia Solutions experts about topics in the field of IT services.
As a registered partner portal user, you can also participate in tenders and development programmes as well as benefit from electronic order processing.

  • Logo ISO

    Integrated Management System


    T-Systems Multimedia Solutions complies with quality assurance, quality management, personnel management and environmental protection standards with the aid of recognised certifications. We want our customers to feel confident that the technical implementation and project management of their projects meet the highest standards.

  • Logo ISO


    ISO STANDARDS 9001 AND 27001

    The German Society for Certification of Management Systems (DQS GmbH ) confirms annually the performance and effectiveness of audit criteria related to ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 for the entire management system of the T -Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH .


    Guideline on information security

    T-Systems Multimedia Solutions is committed to the maintenance, fostering and advancement of an effective management system for information security, which is proved to its interested parties with an international valid ISO/ IEC 27001 certificate.
    The purpose of the guideline on information security is the protection of information owned by T-Systems Multimedia Solution from internal and external violations.

  • Certificate ISO 9001


    Quality Management in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001

    As an internationally established standard, ISO 9001 outlines the minimum requirements for a quality management system that an organization must fulfill in order to provide products and services that meet both customer expectations and legal requirements.
    Current certificate ISO 9001

  • Certificate ISO/IEC 27001


    Information Security Management in accordance with ISO/IEC 27001

    As an international standard, ISO/IEC 27001 defines requirements for the rollout, implementation, monitoring and optimization of information security management systems (ISMS).
    Current certificate ISO/IEC 27001

  • Certificate ISO/IEC 20000-1

    CERTIFICATES T-Systems (Kopie 1)

    Service Management in accordance with ISO/IEC 20000-1

    ISO/IEC 20000-1 specifies requirements for service providers for the enhanced planning, rollout, implementation, operation, monitoring, review, maintenance and improvement of their SMS.
    Current certificate ISO/IEC 20000-1

  • Logo DQS



    DQS-TIP, an extension of the DIN EN ISO 9001 certification, promotes and supports the continual improvement process (CIP) as a driving factor in the achievement of business excellence. It involves comprehensively evaluating a company’s management system through SPICE assessments and ISO 9001 audits. 
The management system is reviewed by certified SPICE assessors and ISO 9001 auditors from T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH. The certifying body monitors adherence to this procedure. ISO 9001 compliance is proven when all DQS-TIP process steps have been carried out and adherence to the ISO requirements has been demonstrated.

  • Certificate ISO 14001

    CERTIFICATES Deutsche Telekom

    Environmental Management in accordance with ISO 14001

    All relevant environmental issues according to ISO 14001 are taken into account in our process-oriented management system. When making decisions that concern both T-Systems Multimedia Solutions and projects or services for our customers, we are committed to power-saving solutions and use cost- and energy-saving potentials of the information technologies.

  • Certificate BS OHSAS 18001


    Occupational Health and Safety Management in accordance with OHSAS 18001

    The emphasis of the OHSAS 18001 standard is on the protection of people, their occupational safety and health care. Preventive measures must be implemented to avoid accidents and illnesses.
    Current certificate OHSAS 18001

  • Unsere Zertifikat DAkkS


    TIC accreditation

    T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH’s Test and Integration Center (TIC) is accredited by the Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle (DAkkS), making it a recognised software testing laboratory. In 2003, the Test and Integration Center was the first officially recognised software testing lab for the internet and multimedia industry in Germany. For us to maintain this status, the Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle has since reviewed our compliance with its standards every 18 months.

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