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Break new ground with highly individualized digital solutions. Experience new business models in the areas Industry 4.0, Customer Experience, Future Workspaces and Digital Reliability. We support your major or middle sized enterprise with consulting expertise and technical competences no matter where you stand in your digital journey. Whether you are planning to create a first concept of a new digital business model or looking for a specific and reliable digital solution - from concept development to prototyping, implementing, and testing - we are your partner in every step of your way. We offer dynamic web- and application-management with roundly 1900 employees in seven different locations. Due to our certified test laboratory we are able to provide highest standards in software quality, accessibility, and IT-security. Feel invited to get an overview of our fields of expertise, offers as well as previous projects. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

Digital Reliability

How can you make digital processes reliable and safe?

Digital reliability is much more than just safety: protection from hacking attacks, avoidance of break-downs of your digital services and the ability to implement updates in a quick and agile way. A holistic approach is necessary to ensure digital trust and business success. We offer customized and certified solutions!


Customer Experience

How to master a cross-channel and individualized customer approach?

Knowing the needs of your customers, creating an engaging shopping- and brand-experience, and strengthening customer loyalty through digital services can be hard challenges for companies. Customers want an individualized service at every touchpoint. These needs require high levels of business process automation. We offer solutions for customer relationship management and customer acquisition, big data analyses, tracking tools and service automation/chatbots.


New Work

How do you design the workspace of the future and make work processes digital?

With progressing digitalization of companies a new understanding of work is needed. We help your company understand and implement digital processes and tools with a holistic end to end approach: Through strategic counceling, selection of suitable software, implementation of customized solutions, and training for employees.



How do you promote digitalization in your company?

Industrie 4.0, Internet of Things, Business Innovation: Discover your potential through connecting with intelligent and digital systems! We are happy to show you various opportunities.



You still don't know what we are really doing? If you take a look at our services you will see that our main focus lies on improving and renewing digital business, IT-management, customer experience and revolutionising the concept of New Work. When it comes to any matters such as digital marketing & services, IT-security & quality as well as concerns regarding IOT and Industry 4.0, we will be glad to be your partner for modernizing the digital part of your company. You got interested? Don't hesitate and get in touch with us over our contact form down below!



Due to digitalization there are almost endless opportunities and a lot of challenges to be faced. Where do I start do digitalize my company? What is even possible? And which solutions are the right ones? Quite overwhelming, isn't it? Because of that we want to share the enormous amount of knowledge we acquired in the last 25 years with you. Now you have the chance to read our whitepapers and studies. We want our know-how to be your answer!

Which paths and solutions can help in the transformation from classical office to Smart Government?
What automation solutions are available and how effective are they?
The answers can be found in our whitepaper.


How does the blockchain work? What are the benefits?
And how can it be implemented?
In our whitepaper "Blockchain: The Future of the Industry", you will find the answers to these questions and gain practical insights using an industrial plant demo case.


Employees become valuable year after year; the scarcity of above average employees presses the economic condition and one wishes to maintain a successful position in digitization. This requires qualified employees. An employee market is created from an employer’s market with totally new challenges – New Work leads to new reality, which must be experienced.


Oh my Bot, I still can't believe it!

What is the idea behind a chatbot? How can artificial intelligence and chatbots be combined? And how the market has changed? We have answered all this and other questions in detail for you in our "OH MY BOT, I STILL CAN’T BELIEVE IT" whitepaper.


Data and digitization, that is like Bonnie and Clyde or start and finish - both can only excerpt together. The use of data in industrial processes and products is also a challenge.

Automobile manufacturers use data on vehicle usage, vehicle characteristics and vehicle quality for the development of autonomous driving. The collection and intelligent evaluation of data is the basis.
The most important sparring partners are digital twins, which make it possible to test developments on simulated components.

The challenge is the handling of the gigantic amounts of data.


Next level enterprise messaging is here!

In our whitepaper you can learn more about how the market for messaging services has developed in recent years. Can new competitors provide a relevant alternative to established tools?

  • Satisfied Customers


    Successful terminated projects and satisfied customers can be seen as the highest proof for high-class cooperations - and we have both of that. As a digital service provider we were able to satisfy a lot of companies. Here are some of our most important references from firms in the public and private sector.

reference projects

  • Sächsische Staatskanzlei: Bessere Orientierung mit der App zum Tag der Deutschen Einheit
  • Möbel Mahler
  • Sto
  • Vorwerk: Maximale Zuverlässigkeit der zentralen Auftragsdatenbank sichert Kerngeschäft ab
  • ENSO Energie Sachsen Ost AG Security Check sorgt für maximale Sicherheit von Webanwendungen
  • Telekom Deutschland: Telekom-hilft-Community vereint 360.000 User auf größter deutscher Kundenplattform
  • Henkel: Konsistentes Look & Feel für einheitlichen Markenauftritt
  • Siemens-Betriebskrankenkasse: Mit modernem Onlinekanal fit für die digitale Zukunft
  • Schmitz Cargobull Telematics: Mit innovativem M2M-Telematik-Portal fit für Industrie 4.0
  • National Bank of Abu Dhabi Mobile Banking App mit Softwarequalität ”Made in Germany”
  • Service-Bund: Neuer Onlineshop - ein Genuss für die Gastro-Branche
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