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To get the coke into the bottle:
Remote Support via HoloLens 2

In 1886, John Stith Pemberton invented the formula for Coca-Cola in Atlanta. The soft drink, which was produced according to a secret composition, was bottled in Germany for the first time in 1929 by the "Essener Vertriebsgesellschaft für Naturgetränke". Today, around 7,000 people are employed by Coca-Cola Europacific Partners Deutschland (CCEP DE) - in production and logistics, sales and customer service.
At its 14 production sites in Germany, the company relies on regionality and sustainability. CCEP DE wants to operate the filling plants fail-safe and, in the interests of sustainability, to avoid having specialists from distant locations travel to the site for a disruption. Together with T-Systems MMS, Coca-Cola Europacific Partners Germany is therefore testing the mixed reality computer Microsoft HoloLens 2 with the mixed reality applications Microsoft Guides and Microsoft Dynamics Remote Assist for various use cases – such as remote production support and cross-site training.

Customer Benefit

Travel time and costs for specialized experts are eliminated

Reduced machine downtime due to malfunctions

Improved knowledge transfer between specialists and employees

  • Luisa Luthardt, Digital Supply Chain Specialist, Coca-Cola Europacific Partners Deutschland

    „In the spirit of sustainability, we wanted to test the innovative use of mixed reality for the support on our production facilities as well as the improvement of our internal training. T-Systems MMS convinced us that cross-site knowledge transfer and direct support is possible without wasting time – and without having to be on site. Pandemic-tested throughout!“

Reference Summary


Saving travel expenses, reducing machine downtime and improving the quality of online training



Remote support and 3D based training using the mixed reality glasses Microsoft HoloLens 2



Faster problem analysis and resolution, improved knowledge transfer


  • Requirements

    Proof of Concept in Operation

    As the largest bottler of Coca-Cola soft drinks, Coca-Cola Europacific Partners Deutschland (CCEP DE) depends on smooth and trouble-free operation of its bottling lines. CCEP DE employs specialists throughout Germany to rectify technical faults on the lines. In acute cases, they should be able to support the sites directly, without loss of time and, above all, without lengthy interruptions to production.
    T-Systems MMS therefore received the order for a mixed reality solution that not only simplifies support, but also supports the transfer of knowledge between experts and colleagues on site: The time-consuming training of new employees was also to be made more efficient and optimized.
    The test phase in the form of a proof of concept was to take place across all sites in such a way that ongoing operations were not disrupted. In addition, difficult conditions due to the pandemic-related contact restrictions had to be taken into account: the training of the employees for the test run could not take place in person, but only online.

  • Solution

    Remote Support by Experts with Mixed Reality

    Together with CCEP DE, T-Systems MMS evaluated various mixed reality use cases. In the next step, the Microsoft HoloLens 2 mixed reality computer suitable for this purpose, as well as the appropriate Microsoft Remote Assist and Microsoft Guides software, were identified and subjected to an initial technical feasibility test. Employees then tested the Microsoft HoloLens 2 at production sites for three months in a provided test environment with Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Remote Assist, an AR remote support solution based on the Teams communication platform. In addition, another solution, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides, was used to develop and distribute virtual 3D guides. With holograms, overlaid text and videos, two-dimensional instructions become obsolete and service technicians can perform their work while viewing the instructions.
    Application scenarios at CCEP DE were remote support at the production plants as well as knowledge transfer in the form of text overlays with explanations of plant components and animations. In addition, employees were trained remotely on various technical topics via the glasses. During the project, the test participants were trained in the use of HoloLens as well as for the software products Remote Assist and Guides. Learning videos helped to react quickly and flexibly to new features of the software in order to integrate them promptly. T-Systems MMS incorporated the experiences, impressions and wishes of the test persons into the proof of concept in order to further increase the acceptance of the solution.

  • Benefit

    Efficient troubleshooting, improved knowledge transfer

    The specialists for the various filling systems can react more quickly to problems in the production process, as they can instruct the employees on site via HoloLens without having to travel themselves. This simplifies repair work and minimizes any machine downtime. At the same time, the mixed reality solution saves both travel time and costs. In addition, troubleshooting is more efficient because the experts can attend to several locations at the same time.
    During the Corona pandemic, the solution also proved its worth in terms of health protection.

About Coca-Cola Europacific Partners Deutschland (CCEP DE)

Coca-Cola Europacific Partners Deutschland (CCEP DE), headquartered in Berlin, is responsible for the bottling and distribution of branded Coca-Cola products throughout Germany. Around 7,000 employees at 14 locations achieve an annual sales volume of 3. 5 billion litres of 60 different non-alcoholic beverages. These include Coca-Cola, Fanta and Sprite as well as many other soft drinks with and without sugar. As part of Coca-Cola Europacific Partners (CCEP), the company is one of the leading manufacturers of consumer goods in Europe. Coca-Cola Europacific Partners Deutschland works closely with Coca-Cola GmbH, a subsidiary of The Coca-Cola Company, which is responsible for brand management, product and packaging development.

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