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Relevant treatment data at a click

Miners established the first miner’s association for protection of their families 750 years ago. The Deutsche Rentenversicherung Knappschaft Bahn-See (KBS) [German pension insurance for Knappschaft Bahn-See (KBS)] also follows this tradition today: KNAPPSCHAFT belongs to this group as medical insurance with 1.6 million insured persons and a separate medical competence network, which includes around 1,500 doctors as well as participation of clinics and hospitals and rehabilitation clinics. With the re-development of a web-based platform, electronic treatment information (eBI), KNAPPSCHAFT laid a new foundation for the collaboration in the group with the help of T-Systems MMS. They not only acquired modern know-how for internal web development, but also gathered valuable experience with agile methods such as Scrum.

Customer Benefits

Digital availability of all the necessary patient related information on a new, efficient web-platform

Enhancement of know-how for web development and agile methods

New service for medical facilities and patients increases the therapeutic safety

Reference overview


New version of eBI system and operation in KBS in an autonomous manner


Re-development as web-based platform with agile methods


Provision of medical history on the basis of routine data.

  • Requirements

    Develop platform in agile manner and operate autonomously

    KNAPPSCHAFT was based on individual solution “elektronische Behandlungsinformation” [electronic treatment information] (eBI) long ago, which has been developed by an external service provider. More the eBI focused on a central system for the collaboration with different service provisions nationwide, like some clinics, more has been the importance for KNAPPSCHAFT, to be able to operate and support eBI autonomously.

    Thus, the objective was the re-development of a web-based platform with uniform handling information. At the beginning of the project, KNAPPSCHAFT neither had technology know-how for modern web-based application development nor experience with methods for agile software development, for example Scrum. KNAPPSCHAFT wished to implement this know-how transfer during the joint projects with T-Systems MMS.

  • Solution

    Web-based platform „Electronic treatment information“

    With personnel, technical and methodic support of T-Systems MMS, KNAPPSCHAFT developed a new web-based platform for eBI. Now it has know-how about web-based development and agile methods.

    T-Systems MMS also supported KNAPPSCHAFT in the planning of operation platform for the new solution and for developing a connector, which connects it with the hospital IT.

  • Benefits

    More therapeutic safety for patients

    KNAPPSCHAFT currently has a web-based solution, which delivers uniform treatment data to their partners. The information includes prescribed medicines, long-term diseases, treatments or hospitalizations as well as contact data of the attending doctor.

    Besides the medical history of their patients on the basis of routine data, eBI also provides policies for process and therapeutic optimization in digital form. This new service for medical facilities significantly increases the therapeutic safety and saves long investigations. Apart from hospitals, also the registered doctors should be connected to the IT solution.

About Knappschaft Bahn-See

DRV Knappschaft Bahn-See includes pension insurance, health and care insurance, employer insurance, Minijob central, a separate medical network as well as accessibility of federal department and the special department rehapro. Around 1,500 general doctors, specialist doctors and dentists, nine rehabilitation clinics and participation in two additional rehabilitation clinics, participation in eight hospital associations as well as separate socio-medical offices belong to medical competence network.

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