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    Blockchain - The Future of the Industry

    How does the blockchain work? What are the benefits?
    And how can it be implemented?
    In our whitepaper "Blockchain: The Future of the Industry", you will find the answers to these questions and gain practical insights using an industrial plant demo case.


Practical insights: Successfully perfecting collaboration in a networked manner

Time savings, reductions of cost and risk, profit potential and security. Blockchain is on everyone's lips, not only in the financial sector, but also in an industry 4.0 context, it is growing slowly – yet unstoppably - out of the experimental stage.

Whether commercial transactions without complex bureaucracy in logistics and customs, optimized supply chains or constantly available and transparent data and information: The blockchain offers enormous potential for industrial companies, public authorities, service providers and institutions.

The whitepaper focuses on the opportunities for the industry provided by the blockchain. In addition to the technical basics, you will learn in a practical way how blockchain technology can support independent parties to trustful cooperate along the entire value chain.

Practical insights: Construction of a blockchain demo system

The whitepaper contains various real scenarios that can be applied to different industry sectors using the blockchain.

In the demo plant, you can experience how blockchain systems can be optimally constructed and reliably protected by modern methods of ICS security. This future-oriented demo case is based on real industrial processes. From smart contracts to the production output, the blockchain enables secure, transparent and verifiable storage of all data and process steps.

Blockchain: What are the benefits for industry and production?

In our whitepaper "Blockchain: The Future of the Industry", we pursue the following questions and provide clear and comprehensible explanations.

► How is machine utilization optimized as a result?
► How can the blockchain reduce your investment costs?
► How can suppliers participate safely in plant operation?
► What opportunities are offered to participate in new, digital value creation?

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Blockchain: The Future of the Industry

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