Heureka! – Nominated for the German Prize for Online Communication

HEUREKA! is an employee initiated project with the aim of questioning the innovation culture in form of a debate and of encouraging change in the company. It is now nominated for the German Prize for Online Communication as well.

Dresden, 31 May 2016 - T-Systems Multimedia Solutions’ project “HEUREKA” was nominated by the jury of the German Prize for Online Communication in the category “Internal Communication”. The internal debate about innovation culture was shortlisted together with Audi, Deutsche Bahn, Lufthansa and TUI. Altogether, more than 700 applications were submitted in 35 categories – which outstanding projects and professional campaigns eventually win the award will be decided during a prize ceremony in Berlin on 8 June 2016.

Time to rethink: HEUREKA! makes it possible

The term “Heureka” is primarily associated with Archimedes. The Greek mathematician, physicist and engineer is reported to have shouted it after discovering the principle of Archimedes while lying in his bath. Since then, “Heureka” has been regarded as a joyful exclamation which is especially used when solving difficult problems or to describe sudden understanding.

An appropriate name, since HEUREKA! is an employee initiated project with the aim of critically questioning the firm’s innovation culture, detecting potential and encouraging change.

Apart from extensive use of social intranet, the new employee app and a storytelling platform were used to bring all contents of the debate together. With the help of the app, employees could deal with the topic from outside the office, and events were organized for personal exchange. 

Turning things upside down and back up again

The project encouraged many discussions and thus was a mental starting point for other initiatives. In many places, it became obvious that promising new approaches to manage and work in an enterprise are existent: Trust instead of control, an open corporate culture instead of inflexible rules and courage to change instead of resting on habits and routines.

Approaches that may help to better deal with current and future demands in order to be sustainably successful.

Those factors are of particular importance in regard of the digital transformation, during which the own business model is to be questioned and reflected critically and for what an open error management culture is essential.

Magenta to the power of three

Apart from HEUREKA!, also projects of the Deutsche Telekom were nominated: Firstly, “Telekom for Refugees” in the category “Corporate Responsibility”, and secondly, the social intranet “You and Me” in the category “Innovation of the year”. T-Systems Multimedia Solutions took part in the realisation, which is why we are especially glad for our group’s parent company and hope for a triple in Magenta.