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Are you a student currently enrolled at a university, or interested in a cooperative degree course in computer science? We're your practice partner! We offer you the opportunity to complete a degree with us, or you can join us as a working student or intern and learn about the procedures at one of Germany's largest Internet agencies as you study.

Working students

As a working student you'll have the opportunity to work on interesting projects in a corporate division of your choice. You can take on initial responsibility, contribute and realise your potential in accordance with your qualifications. Work flexibly, in whatever way best suits your course schedule. Between 10 and 19 hours per week during semesters, up to 38 hours per week during holidays. You decide. We look forward to meeting you!

Opportunities for students


An internship in our company offers you the opportunity to gain initial work experience during your degree course. Depending on the stage you've reached in your studies, you can complete a basic or advanced internship or a practice semester. Get a taste of the working world or take a first look at the career opportunities at T-Systems MMS. What we're looking for from you is participation. Bring along your know-how, your commitment and a good helping of team spirit, and let us share in your experiences! You should have at least three months to spend on an internship with us.

Opportunities for students

Cooperative degree courses

In cooperation with Telekom Ausbildung we offer you the opportunity to gain a university degree while gathering practical experience at the same time. Our cooperative courses lead to degrees in
• Business Information Systems (Bachelor of Science)
• Communications and Media Informatics (Bachelor of Engineering)
• Information Engineering (Bachelor of Engineering)
Detailed information on the degree courses, the curriculum and the application process can be found on the Deutsche Telekom website.

More information is available here
  • Lernende@MMS


    There are numerous trainees, cooperative degree students, interns and working students at every T-Systems MMS site. And because knowledge increases when you share it, we created the students@MMS programme. If you are interested in promoting new topics or want to write your graduation thesis in an innovative and dynamic company, apply now!

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