Setting up operating theatres virtually
using data glasses

For many, Olympus is primarily an idea due to its cameras and lenses. However, one of the largest business segments of the Japanese company is in the field of clinical precision technologies. As the global leading manufacturer of opto-digital, innovative solutions for medicine technology, science and industry, Olympus strives to further develop and optimize its products. The in-house department for integrated operation theaters deals with the question, how the virtual reality technology can revolutionize the sales of medical engineering products and the purchase experience of its customers.
Thus, together with T-Systems MMS, various possibilities have been tested and a proof of concept has been developed in order to find out how the virtual reality can design the planning of operation theaters for hospitals in the future in a simpler and more flexible manner.

Customer Benefits

Solution oriented project work in highly specialized teams

Prototype, Test and Learn: Keep trying and testing till the best is achieved 

Usage of modern technologies for improving the user experience

  • Ralf Nordenholt, European Project Specialist Olympus Europa

    „Together with T-Systems MMS we have explored the limits of what is feasible at this moment and went through a process which was consistently constructive from an initial idea to Proof of Concept in testing. In this way the collaboration becomes interesting and brings out optimum results.“

Reference overview


Medical engineering products should be made virtually perceptible. The usage of Microsoft HoloLens for the projection of product holograms during the product presentation to the customer was an initial start point


Development of a specific application for the HoloLens, which reaches its capacity at the time of tests during the development phase. It must be a fully accessible, scaled VR application


Development of a so called “Proof of Concept” which is available in the testing phase for a VR show room projected using the HTC Vive Pro

  • Requirements

    From presentation to experience

    Reduced prices, high level of mobility, miniaturization of devices as well as fully new forms of virtual productive visualization make the usage of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) possible and attractive even in terms of business context. Why not use them for complex planning and sales process of highly complex operation theaters? Inspired from this idea, Olympus and T-Systems MMS have developed various solutions and started a project whose objective was a concept for future product presentation - with a focus on making the presentation a real experience.

  • Solution

    When imagination becomes reality

    Initially after the CAD-data (computer aided design) of endoscopies was used in order to create product holograms with the help of HoloLens, it was quickly clear that the prototype was not suitable for the product presentation due to the missing sharing option. Thus, “Olympus Multisharing” was developed. With the help of this application, multiple persons could participate in the same product presentation and even interact with each other – for example, the increase of individual elements within the hologram.
    As Olympus carries out the planning of operation theaters, the application reaches its limit of its possibilities. The concept has been redesigned. The theaters should be completely accessible and thus perceptible. This results into the development of a VR-showroom for the VR-glasses Vive Pro of HTC, developed with the help of real data, depicted as virtual reality. At the moment, the application is in Proof of Concept status and is tested on its practicability.

About Olympus

Olympus Europa is the headquarters for the Europe region, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) of the Japanese Olympus group. As a global leading manufacturer of optical and digital precision technology, Olympus develops and markets innovative medical technology, solutions for science and industry as well as camera and audio products since 100 years. The award-winning products are practically irreplaceable for diagnosis, prevention and healing of diseases; they support research and development and include the diversity of life in various facets. In the hands of the customers, the high-tech products of Olympus contribute in making their lives healthier, more secure and satisfied – today and tomorrow.

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