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Maximum software quality for mobile banking applications

Providing the ability to carry out banking transactions quickly, securely and conveniently, from any location – this was how the National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD) aimed to gain the loyalty of its existing private and business clients and to acquire new ones. With this realignment towards mobile services, the financial services provider was also aiming to move closer to its strategic goal of becoming the number one business bank in the trading zone between West Africa and East Asia. An extensive testing programme would ensure that mobile banking performs well and be reliable on any device and using any operating system. The load and performance tests and the functional end-to-end tests were designed and carried out by T-Systems MMS.

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    Top Quality mobile banking

    To strengthen and extend its reputation as a leading innovator in the Middle East’s banking sector, the National Bank of Abu Dhabi's plans included launching modern online and mobile banking solutions. With these applications the software quality, which has to be reliable at all times, was hugely important. For the vast range of mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones, and different operating systems with frequent releases, creates a need for a very wide range of specific software tests. So it was enormously important that the software for the planned mobile applications was designed to be future-proof and that its quality was guaranteed to be top quality over the long term.

    The bank's search for a suitable project partner led to them choosing T-Systems MMS. Their task was to support the NBAD with these plans and to ensure the quality of the software. The German digital services provider had to provide bespoke test procedures and tools, a task for which its vast experience in the mobile testing sector stood it in good stead.


Maximum performance and stability on any mobile device

The T-Systems MMS experts also took responsibility for all the testing management on the project, mostly from Germany. The T-Systems MMS Test and Integration Center, Germany's only accredited software testing lab in the online sector, generated specific test cases and supported the client throughout the project.
The mobile load and performance tests were customised to meet the specific needs of the client and of the project, and new test processes were developed. A new generation of the T-Systems MMS Mobile Device Cloud was used, for example. This consists of a high-performance, flexibly scalable test environment that is designed for a vast range of end devices. As well as regularly testing the different software versions on a large number of mobile devices, specific user acceptance tests were also carried out, at the client's request, to simulate users’ behaviour in different scenarios. The results of all the tests were documented in detail.

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    Client satisfaction improves market position

    As a result of this extensive quality testing, National Bank of Abu Dhabi clients are now able to access high-performance, reliable solutions which enable them to transact their banking business conveniently on mobile devices. This increases customer satisfaction and loyalty. For their part, with their mobile app and wallet app, the NBAD has minimised the risks involved in mobile banking. At the same time it has reinforced its competitive position as a leading innovative, trustworthy financial services provider. With its mobile banking the NBAD has, indeed, realised its strategic aim of creating a new generation of banking. The most important bank in the Middle East is currently continuing its successful collaboration with T-Systems MMS with follow-up orders which are already being implemented.

About the national bank of Abu Dhabi

The National Bank of Abu Dhabi is the leading bank in the Near East, with 80 branches in the United Arab Emirates alone. It is one of the safest banks in the world, according to Global Finance Magazine. It has overseas subsidiaries in 19 countries in five continents, including in various Gulf states and the Far East, as well as in London, Paris, Geneva and Washington DC.

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