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Processing 300.000 per Year Automatically

Ludwig Meister is one of the largest service companies for drive and tool technology in Germany and supplies products to around 15,000 customers. From small businesses to large companies, orders are sent to Ludwig Meister in a variety of ways and in a variety of formats. Since the majority of these are e-mails with PDF attachments of different representations, a laborious manual rework was necessary in order to process the orders correctly. To bring more efficiency and automation to this process, Ludwig Meister decided to use T-Systems MMS' proprietary software for text analysis “Semasuite®”.

Benefit for our Customer

Time saving by automation of the order process

Efficient capture process for orders

Intensified customer care by reduced manual time effort for the emloyees

  • Stephan Geg, CIO and BOD Member of Ludwig Meister

    „Due to the consistent use of Semasuite®, we achieve a high degree of digitization in the automatic order import via PDF. This gives us more space for more consulting and sales activities and ultimately benefits our customers."

Reference at a Glance


Recognition of order data in PDF format and correct allocation to the product catalogue


Processing incoming orders with Semasuite® and preparing them as an EDI record


70 percent time savings for employees thanks to automated data collection

  • Requirements

    No order matches the other

    Ludwig Meister’s corporate customers order the desired products in different ways. Large companies generate them directly from their ERP systems, others send a PDF by e-mail or fax. The problem is that every order looks different in its structure – and that with around 1000 orders per day. The structure of a PDF may be different between two clients, although both may use the same software.

    With an assortment of more than 2. 5 million products, a lot of manual work is still required. Employees do not only have to deal with a number of different order formats. The orders had to be assigned to the correct product catalogue and searched manually for identifiable attributes such as item numbers, quantities and prices. Unlike in B2C commerce, there is no uniform European Article Number (EAN) for most of the deliverable products. Some of the customers simply use a known product name out of habit, although the manufacturer has already used a different name. Ludwig Meister was looking for a system that could process highly individual and complex documents automatically and commissioned T-Systems MMS with the solution.

  • Solution

    A Job for the AI-based SaaS solution Semasuite®

    In order to effectively relieve the sales staff when processing orders, Ludwig Meister deliberately decided to start with a particularly common format, the PDF files. In the first project, T-Systems MMS used its own text analysis software Semasuite®. The big challenge in the analysis was the variants of the incoming orders: Theoretically, there are infinite versions of how such a PDF is structured.

    The Artificial Intelligence of Semasuite® has been trained to extract the data from the incoming files in order to transfer it to Ludwig Meister’s system in the form of a web service. The data extraction includes the basic data, such as order and delivery date, offer reference, signature, e-mail of the client and the like. In addition, item data such as order position, item number, quantity and quantity unit, unit price and others are recorded.

    In a previous pilot with another provider, the detection accuracy was doubled. Based on these results, Ludwig Meister finally opted for Semasuite® as a web service including on-premise maintenance and support.

  • Benefit

    70 per cent time saving for sales

    Expectations of the system have been fully met for the trading company. Semasuite® achieves the desired detection accuracy of 80 percent for incoming PDF files, helping employees to capture and process new orders. The time saving is around 70 percent compared to the previously purely manual process. This increase in efficiency gives sales employees more freedom to devote themselves more time to advising customers and other sales activities. After all, it is primarily about the value-adding function of sales, not data collection. And thanks to the faster processing, Ludwig Meister manages to fulfill his promise of order processing on the same day.

About Ludwig Meister

Founded in 1939, Ludwig Meister started selling tools for the manufacturing industry. It is now one of the leading wholesalers for the industry and offers an assortment of more than 2.5 million products. The third-generation family business serves its 15,000 customers from eight locations to support them in their business with high product quality, comprehensive advice and fast delivery.

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