• Proximity marketing app for brewery corporation


Proximity app: thirst-quencher and marketing miracle

An internationally operating brewery corporation is frequently highly visible at large-scale sports events such as football games – both in beverage sales and with marketing activities. The problem: with tens of thousands of visitors, the sales approach to individual customers is usually very anonymous. A proximity marketing app developed by T-Systems Multimedia Solutions was to solve this problem by providing targeted, location-related content for mobile devices via Bluetooth. The customer data gained in this way allows the beverage manufacturer to improve its bar service and implement event or reach marketing campaigns far more easily at points of sale. Ultimately, the app helps the company gain new customers and retain existing customers beyond the event.

  • Grafik: Langfristige Kundenbindung mit nutzwertiger App am Point of Sales


    Powerful service application

    To motivate as many attendees of large-scale events as possible to install it on their smartphones, the app has to offer real value and be fun as well. Event-related information is for example of interest to users: things like team line-ups, match and player statistics, or the location of the nearest refreshment stand – as seen from the user's current position.
    A further incentive to use the app are mobile payment functions that can be used to cashlessly pay for drinks. Discount coupons are another way of offering added value, and content that can be used long-term also has a positive effect on the app's acceptance.

  • Grafik: Location Based Services sorgt für mehr Spaß bei den Fans


    Service and fun in a single app

    T-Systems Multimedia Solutions developed a proximity app for the beverage company based on wireless beacon technology. The app includes couponing and gamification elements that offer punters a direct benefit and are also fun. Integrated location-based services help fans more easily find their seats in the stadium. Tedious queueing time can be whiled away playing prediction games that additionally build a sense of community. And the app displays the nearest refreshment stands, where users receive discounts.
    If supporters of different teams are present, app users can more quickly find the followers of their own teams – including after the game, to celebrate victories or mourn defeats together.
    All of which is to say: whenever they need to find their way around a stadium, users will find the app helpful. And if they collect enough points from buying drinks or playing games, they can redeem those points for gadgets.
    While T-Systems Multimedia Solutions designed and implemented the application, it is hosted at a T-Systems data centre, ensuring maximum data protection and maximum security in accordance with German law.


Analysing customer data offers added value

The proximity marketing app allows the beverage company to offer punters at sporting events localised services and advertising where there is real demand for them. Beacon technology transforms users' smartphones into receivers for personalised information, discounts and coupons – much to the delight of the fans.
The customer data gleaned from the app are processed in the background using a big data analytics solution, giving the brewery important information on the company's performance, on sales and logistics: such as which beer stands were the most popular and whether there were any supply bottlenecks. This allows the company to optimise its inventory management based on consumption, reducing costs. The analysed information moreover makes it possible to serve campaigns far more selectively for event or reach marketing.
The application also provides valuable information on customer behaviour, such as routes, interests and beverage consumption. On the other hand, with its very emotional approach at points of sale the app helps retain customers and gain new ones. And it does so beyond the duration of the sporting event, as the app also offers content that can be used over the longer term.

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