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Future-proof sales processes

The German company HOPPECKE, which has established itself on an international level, has already operated in the market for energy storage systems since 1927. Whether mobile drive systems, secured power supply, regenerative energies or train and metro systems – HOPPECKE provides the right equipment. The company wants its operations in sales and customer service to be as future-oriented as the industry itself.
This is why T-Systems Multimedia Solutions, in cooperation with Deutsche Telekom AG and T-Systems International, has implemented a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system based on Salesforce. In addition to optimised customer interaction processes throughout all company units, benefits to the staff now also include faster and simpler work processes in a central and well-organised solution.

360-degree view of the customer: all sales activities in one application

More efficient process flows thanks to a central tool with connection to third-party systems

Higher transparency of the CRM activitities within the company

  • ‎Katharina Vollmayer, CRM Projektleitung von Hoppecke Batterien GmbH & Co. KG

    "In the team, we benefited from the long-standing project experience of T-Systems Multimedia Solutions and now have a CRM system with Salesforce that is just what we wanted.”

    ‎Katharina Vollmayer, CRM Project Management at Hoppecke Batterien GmbH & Co. KG


Increase customer satisfaction and sales through a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that establishes a standard and automates sales processes as far as possible.


A centralized customer data management independent of the contact channel used on a comprehensive cloud platform using the Salesforce Sales Cloud.


A CRM system, like Hoppecke wished. This enables employees to view customer information transparently at any time and to react more effectively to enquiries.

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    Now there is an end to manual data entry and media disruptions

    HOPPECKE is a company with internationally represented subsidiaries and almost 2,000 employees. This amount of employees and different branches make it challenging to keep track of all customer activities – especially when the company units in the various enterprises maintain and document their respective customer contacts individually. The decentralised data storage creates difficulties in the efficient setup and development of long-term customer relations, since it isn’t possible to get a comprehensive view of the customer with all relevant interactions transparently within the company. Additionally, many different, manually supported tools make it harder to standardise the data entry; this is also compounded by various contact media, such as email or phone.

    For that reason, HOPPECKE aims to use a customer relationship management (CRM) system that automates the sales processes as much as possible and establishes a comprehensive standard for the company and its subsidiaries. Employees and managers also want to use the chat function to share customer-relevant information within the system. The company hopes this will result in improved customer satisfaction and an accompanying sales increase.


Customer Management in the cloud

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system based on Salesforce 


 Interfaces from the cloud to the customer's ERP system
 Comprehensive planning and implementation of the digital project

Clear and individual reporting and forecast functions
 Optimal linking of external and internal sales through a mobile use of the CRM



 Centralisation of all customer activities on a comprehensive cloud platform - independently of the contact channel

  • Implementation

    In the search for a suitable partner to implement a central solution that would meet the requirements, the joint presentation of Deutsche Telekom, T-Systems International, T-Systems Multimedia Solutions and Salesforce was convincing. T-Systems Multimedia Solutions covered
    the entire value-creation chain, from the requirements specification and implementation to support.

    In the implementation, the T-Systems Multimedia Solutions team focused particularly on aspects such as interfaces to the already existing ERP system based on SAP, so that the present and future contacts could be bundled and managed clearly in one place.

    The solution also offers comprehensive reporting and forecasting functions with customisable dashboards, so that controlling and monitoring can be coordinated with the individual priorities of the respective division.

  • Mobile use

    Especially for sales employees who are often on the road for customers, the aspect of using the solution independently of the location was highly relevant.

    This is why T-Systems Multimedia Solutions also optimised the CRM for mobile use via smartphone and tablet. Furthermore, the ability to report the visits enables the prompt entry and documentation of the customer appointments, which makes collaboration with the internal sales unit more effective. A connection with Outlook synchronises the customer contact data closely with the CRM.

    Instead of standalone channels such as phone, email and face-to-face discussions with customers, the central and uniform compilation of all customer data and interactions reduces media disruptions for HOPPECKE employees in all units.

  • Benefits

    More satisfied customers and transparency thanks to consolidation

    The company-wide consolidation of the sales activities allows employees of the HOPPECKE corporation to view all customer information transparently at any time and appropriately implement successful cross- and up-selling measures. In-house media disruptions are now a thing of the past and customer inquiries can be responded to much more effectively. The central customer management also increases transparency across all departments. As all customer information – from interactions and purchases, sent offers to complaints – is now stored in the customer history, the HOPPECKE employees can prepare more precise offers and provide more individualised consultations.

    However, this is only the beginning, since HOPPECKE still has many plans for the CRM. In addition to the international roll-out, for example, a further development of the current system is being planned. The marketing and service activities will be linked more closely with the CRM, for example. The previous interfaces will also be expanded to harmonise the order and contract management together with SAP.

  • "Thanks to our experience with salesforce and to the overall cooperation of the project teams from HOPPECKE and T-Systems Multimedia Solutions, we were able to jointly realise the potentials."

    Corinna Hahnefeld, Project Manager


The company has developed and produced “made in Germany” since 1927 and, thanks to its leading research and development activities in the industry, has all reliable
and innovative storage technologies in its portfolio. Energy solutions for the four main application areas – emission-free drives, secured power supply,
storage of regenerative energies and train and metro systems – are in the scope of services of the highly traditional family business.

By developing marketable, leading-edge energy storage solutions, HOPPECKE is also making an important contribution to resolve
the social challenges arising from the implementation of the global climate protection goals and increasing digitisation.

With its headquarters in Brilon-Hoppecke and 20 subsidiaries, representatives, partners and distributors as well as production and assembly sites worldwide,
the company currently has more than 1,950 employees and generates sales of over 400 million euros (2017).

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