Social Intranet as a worldwide communication hub for employees

CWS-boco supplies customers with washroom hygiene solutions such as towel and soap dispensers, dust control mats and workwear. They have a large number of staff who have no desktop PC because they are travelling between customers or are busy in laundries.
CWS-boco's new social intranet makes company-wide communication far easier. Now, for example, all of its staff can access the intranet while they are on the move, including from smartphones and tablets. The new “connect” social intranet also makes it far simpler for different locations within the group to communicate with one another and work together, for it provides a centralised, multilingual communication and collaboration platform for over ten subsidiaries in Europe and Asia. Country-specific zones, document management via a file depot, a central CEO’s blog and a responsive design are just some of the features of the application that were designed and implemented by T-Systems Multimedia Solutions.

  • Requirements

    Improving communication and collaboration between locations

    Previously, CWS-boco's various subsidiaries and locations were using a range of intranet solutions. Documents and project-related knowledge, for example, were stored decentrally in different folder systems. Any sharing was done by email and was time-consuming, while corporate messages were sent via a newsletter. Moreover, time-consuming phone calls were often involved when information was needed, and the parties involved were frequently unknown to each other. This made it difficult to share information throughout the company and to collaborate on projects.
    CWS-boco turned to T-Systems Multimedia Solutions in order to create a single communication and collaboration solution at group level.


Social intranet with mobile access and country-specific areas

T-Systems Multimedia Solutions developed and implemented a social intranet based on the Drupal 7 open source framework to replace the CWS-boco's various individual solutions. Thanks to its responsive design, any content can also be displayed on mobile devices. An integrated file depot for document management simplifies the work of around 8,000 employees. The country-specific homepage, with its language selection option, has fixed news blocks and a dashboard which can be personalised using widgets. Contacts can be found rapidly through the use of personal profiles maintained by the employees themselves.
Virtual teams can access online project rooms, for both user groups and communities, for example, groups based on hobbies or sports. Team descriptions are publicly visible. The CEO's blog is integrated into the intranet homepage as a widget. That is where the CEO reports regularly on his day-to-day work and on any news or events.


Greater efficiency and far fewer emails

CWS-boco is using the “connect” social intranet as a central hub for all of its internal communication and collaboration activities worldwide. Since it was launched the various subsidiaries have come more closely together as they are better able to share information, findings and knowledge, which causes them to identify more closely with the company.

Mobile intranet access enables all CWS-boco employees, wherever they may be, to use the world of information and communicate with colleagues. As a result, it is now where people begin work every day, since it also provides access to all the other IT systems and applications.
The integrated document management system is not only substantially reducing email traffic, but also making it simpler and quicker to work together on documents. This makes day-to-day work far easier and more efficient. The CEO’s blog is a new and important channel for communicating with the employees. It has improved senior management's visibility and is helping to motivate staff.

About CWS-boco

CWS-boco Deutschland GmbH is a subsidiary of CWS-boco International GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of Duisburg-based Franz Haniel & Cie. GmbH. With full service offerings in the areas of washroom hygiene solutions, dust control mats and workwear for companies of all sizes and in all sectors, the CWS-boco group had total revenues of 751 million Euros in 2014. CWS-boco Deutschland has around 3,800 employees plus 40 trainees. The company headquarters are in Dreieich, Hessen.

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