Sending sickness notifications via Smartphone

Customer benefits

High acceptance due to high added value

Much lower error rate during data entry

Easy, fast transmission of notifications of sickness

  • Requirements

    Transmission of the notification of sickness via app

    For some time, BARMER has already offered its policy holders many features on-the-go with the BARMER app. T-Systems Multimedia Solutions has now expanded the app’s functionality with the option of transmitting notifications of sickness via smartphone. An important requirement for the implementation was that it involved the least possible amount of effort by the insured persons. At the same time, the digit-ised process of transmitting the notifications of sickness had to be extremely secure, since the data are confidential. BARMER, in turn, should be able to automatically enter the received certificates of disability into their systems and process them.


Comprehensive, digitised process

You no longer have to search for an envelope, label it, put postage on it and bring it to the postbox: every BARMER policy holder can now send a notification of their ina-bility to work to the health insurance company with two clicks in the app – easily and intuitively. The insured person takes a photo of the doctor’s certificate and then sends it to the health insurance company via the BARMER app. A receipt will confirm that the submission was sent successfully. The insurance account number – secure-ly encrypted – is also sent in the process so that the notification can be directly as-signed to the specific policy holder.
To optimise the image quality of the scan, modern processes such as edge smooth-ing and automatic image correction are applied. They also ensure that the content can be processed further without problems.

  • Benefits

    High acceptance due to high added value

    An even more extensive service portfolio is now integrated in the BARMER app: this allows policy holders not only to maintain their personal information but also to direct-ly contact a doctor, complete applications, access information or manage their bonus program. The advantages of the new feature are obvious: the process of sending a notification of sickness becomes much easier and can be done conveniently from home. At the same time, the secure data transmissions create trust among the users. Response to the new service has been very good: there are currently far more than 10,000 uploads per month.
    This process also reduces processing times and costs for BARMER, since the com-pilation and processing of notifications of sickness are now completely automated. Additionally, processing errors are minimised. With the BARMER app, BARMER again proves its role as the innovation leader of health insurance companies. It creates a positive impression among the policy hold-ers and increases their loyalty to their health insurance company.

  • Christian Bock, Marketing Manager at BARMER

    “We were the first in the market to use a photo upload for the certification of the ina-bility to work. The service is experiencing very high acceptance among the policy holders, since it offers a direct added value.”


BARMER is a public corporation and Germany’s second largest health insurance company with around 9.4 million policy holders. The new BARMER was established on 1 January, 2017 by integrating the German BKK into the BARMER GEK. BARMER GEK had been created from the merger of BARMER Ersatzkasse (BEK) and Gmünder Ersatzkasse (GEK) on 1 January, 2010. The health insurance compa-ny has around 400 branches nationwide and about 14,000 employees.

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