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    "Smart Factory"


Digitised trust

  By now, blockchain technology has become interesting beyond the financial sector, in areas such as
industry, energy, mobility and supply chain management – in all areas where the ability to trace and track products and services is important. Because blockchain will ensure
that all the things that now have to be completed offline or through intermediaries can be handled more securely and transparently online in the future.

Blockchain meets Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is currently on everyone’s lips and refers to the 4th industrial revolution.
At the heart of it lies the networking of the real and virtual world along with their possibilities within industrial business processes.
Thanks to the shared value creation in various disciplines, such as mechanical engineering, logistics, services and information technologies, all processes, machines, devices, sensors and people are connected, interacting and communicating with each other. Exactly these interdisciplinary approaches enable the technological approach of blockchain. This flexible intelligent networking results in the creation of the smart factory.

  • Blockchain-Showcase

    Experience Blockchain live

    The blockchain showcase enables the secure mapping of cross-company processes in the supply chain. This guarantees the integrity and traceability of all procedures and transactions.

    In the sense of a “Smart Factory”, the production system integrates numerous functions from automation for a real Industry 4.0 scenario. The blockchain technology enables a secure, transparent and verifiable storage of all data and process steps. From the contract preparation/product order to the final packaging and secondary processes. The blockchain here functions as an interoperable data storage system, which continues to be updated in a way that can’t be changed by any participants.

    The production and packaging process is secured via blockchain technology, which guarantees the transparency and correctness of the data. The blockchain technology connects: security, high availability and reduced costs.

Smart Factory mit Blockchain

In this video, you can view the use of blockchain technology in supply chain management.


    • Experience Blockchain live


      Federal Office for Migration and Refugees

      (Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge or BAMF)

      Together with T-Systems Multimedia Solutions, the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees has tested a future-proof technology selection with blockchain on the basis of a POC (proof of concept). It was confirmed that this technology improves cross-agency collaboration. Furthermore, using this technology results in an optimisation of asylum procedures, increases data security and prevents possibilities of misuse.

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