How does a digital workplace deal with chatbots?

Simple, portable and fast- the advantages of chatbots are obvious. More and more companies rely on conversational interfaces.
New, improved and more efficient technologies are introduced every week and the market for chatbots is growing rapidly.

The objective of our whitepaper is to give a current overview of the artificial intelligence, language assistants and chatbots.
With the help of usage scenarios, we shall explain you the how chatbots can support your digital workplace.

Can you believe it?

This is the potential of chatbots

  • Gillian McCann, Head of Cloud Engineering and Artificial Intelligence at Workgrid

    “The objective should be that a chatbot is able to understand the intention of a user.”

    Strongest Growth Web Chats and virtual assistants are the leading Growth Trends for the coming year (in Europe)  69% of the companies forecast an increase in fully automated processed customer contacts  17% telephone communication in the last two years. Telephony is increasingly replaced by messenger services  25% One in four German citizen wants to use Chatbots

Where can your bot help you?

Usage scenarios in the digital workplace

> Proactive provision of information all about the company and vacancies
> Preselection of applicant profiles on the basis of defined requirements
> Pre-onboarding with provision and receipt of documents

> Classical FAQ: resetting passwords, generating tokens, issuing the access authorizations
> Processing support requests

> Information acquisition: As a push and pull medium, chatobots send information based on the defined schedule or direct requirement of information
> Personalization of information through targeted classification

> Test automation: Chatbot as “Anomaly- Detection”, identification of malfunctions, suggestions to replace the incorrect source code and automated troubleshooting, if required
> Monitoring: Chatbot acts as an interface to the manual dashboards for reading the information or independently gives instructions regarding monitoring

How do you use this potential?

You shall learn about this in the whitepaper


What does (artificial) intelligence mean? What is the technology behind chatbots? What does our expert say about the potential of chatbots?

Bots in the digital workplace

What are the advantages of using chatbots for Human Resource Management, IT-Service Management, internal communication and software development?

The way to your own bot

5 steps that you must consider on the way to your own bot and the way other companies are already successfully using bot in their digital workplace.

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