Twyla integrates self-learning Chatbot within a Cloud

Twyla, the Berlin-based enterprise chatbot provider by hub:raum (corporate incubator of Deutsche Telekom), and T-Systems Multimedia Solutions, the digital service provider of large corporations and medium-sized companies, present their AI-powered chatbot solution for Cloud customers: the Cloud Chatbot Connector. Cloud Chatbot Connector allows online retailers to integrate intelligent, automatized chatbots to fuel conversational commerce on messenger services such as Facebook Messenger.

The new solution helps retailers transform their shop and make it mobile and conversational without disrupting their incumbent data systems. Thus, they can make the most out of the mobile channel by providing a refined, personalised shopping experience.

Let the bot shop for you

The intelligent and self-learning bot integrates easily into the Cloud. It uses Twyla’s “Hybrid Brain” chatbot technology along with the retailers’ product catalogue data in the Cloud to train itself, significantly accelerating the time to market of the chatbot implementation. Once implemented, customers don’t have to visit a retailer’s actual online shop anymore to purchase their favourite products. Instead, the chatbot on Facebook Messenger helps them figure out what they want and allows them to purchase the desired items directly without even leaving the messenger.

“Twyla has been working with enterprise data in the aerospace and telecoms industries in the past. Entering the e-commerce segment is the next exciting step for us,“ says Chris Lotz, managing director at Twyla. “We now successfully combined the rich content capabilities of the Facebook Messenger with the structured information provided in the Cloud. This allows us to help retailers effectively plug their product catalogues into our chatbot and immediately have a conversational shop on Facebook Messenger. ”

“This new solution provides customers ‘out-of-the-box’ support as well as integration with customer support systems,” adds Sven Tissen, expert for bots at T-Systems Multimedia Solutions. “We are therefore not just providing a shopping experience but a conversational service experience. Conversational commerce will be the hot topic in 2018: Retailers will be looking for the most seamless implementation possible without breaking the bank on expensive generalised AI services.”

About the partnership

T-Systems Multimedia Solutions launched its cooperation with Twyla in February 2017 and is currently testing several implementations for T-Systems MMS clients.



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