Two best consultants in one go - brand eins selects Best Consultants 2018


The planned bundling of the competencies of the management and technology consultancy Detecon, T-Systems Multimedia Solutions and the digitally oriented areas of T-Systems Global Systems Integration into an integrated digital service provider will soon give customers two top consultants in one go. The independent business magazine brand eins has once again selected the best consultants for 2018. Detecon Consulting and T-Systems Multimedia Solutions are among the best consultants in Germany.

For the fourth time in a row, T-Systems Multimedia Solutions received an award. The digital service provider convinces customers and partners in the sectors of technology & telecommunications as well as internet & e-commerce in the areas of IT implementation, IT strategy, digitization, data analytics & big data. The above-average ratings of the market experts and competitors surveyed by brand eins as well as the customers surveyed are decisive for the placement.

Detecon GmbH also received an award as one of Germany's best consultants in 2018 and also achieved a list position in the technology & telecommunications industry in the categories of IT implementation and IT strategy. With the joint market approach, customers will soon benefit twice from the expertise of the new digital service provider.



In the largest study of its kind, the independent business magazine brand eins, in cooperation with Statista, identifies the best consulting companies in Germany for the fifth time. The list of the best management consultancies is based on an expert (partner and project manager of management consultancies) and a client survey. Both surveys were conducted online. A total of 293 companies received awards.

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