T-Systems Multimedia Solutions at TTI/ Vanguard’s High Tech Conferences

Networking, gaining new ideas and exchanging knowhow – From this year on, T-Systems Multimedia Solutions is a member of the global innovation network TTI/Vanguard again.

TTI/Vanguard is more than just a normal series of conferences – it is the most important network of leading IT innovation experts worldwide. From this year on, also T-Systems Multimedia Solutions belongs to the members of these circles again. Five times a year, it is all about high tech and trends of the future, the latter not only being noticed passively, but actively discussed.

The meetings are all put under a certain motto, to which exiting sessions are presented: From Big Understanding to Networks, Sensors & Mobility to Autonomy and Cyber Security – these are the starting point for an interesting exchange between the members.

T-Systems Multimedia Solutions uses this as a chance to connect with the industry’s pioneers and to thereby take up and pass on systematically valuable impulses. By that means, the provider of digital services can profit from the variety and the depth of experience of the network and pass the gained spirit of innovation on to its customers.

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