Handbook Germany wins the German Online Communication Award 2018

T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH has another good reason to celebrate! After the success at the German Digital Award, the refugee portal "Handbook Germany" has been awarded again, in time for World Refugee Day (June 20).

During the pitch for the the German Online Communication Award 2018, the "Handbook Germany" project team proved that no one at T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH rests on their laurels! In the category "Corporate Responsibility", the digital service provider, in collaboration with the Afghan editor and activist Sharmila Hashimi, competed and won.

From around 700 submissions, the "Handbook Germany" project succeeded convincingly and competed with projects such as those of Otto, Daimler, Serviceplan and Deutsche Post DHL in the category "Corporate Responsibility".

In contrast to other awards, the personal pitch in front of the jury made the deciding difference. In just eight minutes, high-ranking representatives from the online communications industry had to be convinced. The prize is given to those who combine innovation and creativity with a suitable strategy! With a target-oriented approach to its target group and an interconnection of the individual online instruments, T-Systems Multimedia Solutions outperformed its competitors. Another important point was the outcome and efficiency: the jury examined the outcome of the project and compared it with the target with which it had been developed. The relationship between the resources used and the outcome was also very important.


The facts:

  • 13 journalists from all over the world in the Berlin editorial office of Handbook Germany
  • about 48,000 followers on Facebook
  • 2.3 million page views on the website
  • continuously increasing visibility on Google
  • over 2,200 content in seven languages in Adobe AEM
  • over 490 videos on YouTube and almost 1.8 million video views on Facebook
  • in the last three months an increase of more than 109,000 places in the worldwide Alexa Web Traffic Ranking
  • Optimization of the website with Adobe Target and Analytics through continuous A/B/n testing and personalization

Ronald Schulz (T-Systems Multimedia Solutions) and Michael Schuster (Adobe Systems)  travelled to the award ceremony. "Because without a functioning software, the most beautiful content is of no use," explained Ronald Schulz.

The project team is very pleased about the award for the "Handbook Germany"!

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