dmexco: T-Systems consults about Customer Excellence

Consulting and case studies for customer centered marketing at the stand of T-Systems Multimedia Solutions and T-Systems, exhibition hall 6, stand B050.

“Rethinking. Customer thinking” is the motto of T-Systems Multimedia Solutions and T-Systems, under which both firms focus on the digitalisation of business processes and on the customer as an individual at this year’s dmexco. Based on a case study, the providers of digital services show how companies can lay the groundwork for customer focus. Customer Excellence – the highest level of customer centrality - is the final objective to be strived for. In order to reach it, companies can portray the whole customer journey with cloud based solutions. Visitors interested in the conference can go to the stand to inform themselves about effective marketing automatization, Customer Intelligence, customer flow analysis and Location Based Services such as Digital Signage and Proximity Marketing. Commercial enterprises and service providers can thereby serve and accompany both B2B and B2C customers across all customer touch points and elate them with digital results. The measurability of success also plays an important role in the context of Customer Excellence. At the same time, the subsidiaries inform about methods and measures as well as about planning, controlling and optimization of customer experience.

According to Peter Klingenburg, managing director of T-Systems Multimedia Solutions, customers do not differentiate between online and offline contact. They expect their needs to be completely satisfied through their preferred channel at the right time. More customer touch points and new technologies create more possibilities of permanently meeting the customers’ wishes – but they also increase complexity. The traditional barrier between traditional and digital marketing is disappearing completely. This requires knowledge about interactions and decisions of consumers.  In the future, only those companies who know their customers exactly, address them directly and understand their needs quickly will remain successful in the market. The added value for companies is not only concentrated on more satisfied customers, but also on the development of new products, services or even business models, and therefore an increased sales potential.

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