CeBIT 2016: Practically experiencing Digital Transformation

The digital transformation determines our reality and reaches all areas of business.

It is high time for companies to push on their digital maturity. Between 14th and 18th march, the CeBIT 2016 in Hannover is the epitome of a global event for digital business – of course, T-Systems Multimedia Solution is a part of it.

Again this year, the provider of digital services is to be found at the stand of the Deutsche Telekom and presents different solutions to accompany companies on their way through the digital transformation.

The topics 2016

In the context of Predictive Maintenance, our expert Lennart Heuckendorf shows together with T-Systems what Industry 4.0 actually means: The intelligent connection between machines and the digital world. Imminent failures can thereby be anticipated which optimizes the maintenance process and ensures smooth operations.

Furthermore, it is possible to have the accessibility of one’s own website tested by our blind testing expert. That is not only a good thing to do in regard of equality of opportunity, but also a legal requirement for companies from the public sector.

Our expert Dr. Jörg Benze presents Li-Fi (Light Fidelity), an innovative technology which transfers data by light instead of radio. That especially offers potential where the usual Wi-Fi comes up against limiting factors, as for example inside of a parking lot. On top of that, the light is intelligent and suited for the determination of positions and navigation – for instance, it could light the way to the car if necessary.

Also trade is transforming steadily; keyword Digital Retail. The great amount of possibilities means a big challenge for commerce – meanwhile, linking offline and online trade with one another is essential in order to getting to know one’s customers better and to present them tailored offers, which is beneficial for both parties.

Further topics from T-Systems Multimedia Solutions at the CeBIT 2016:

• Augmented & Virtual Reality
• Cloud Data Protection AAS
• Proximity Marketing

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