• Passenger Terminal Expo 2020

    The Passenger Terminal EXPO & Conference in 2020 takes place at the Expo Porte de Versailles in Paris, France. It annually offers airports and airlines a major opportunity to discuss current topics and network on a global scale.


31 March - 02 April 2020



New date: postponed to June 9-11, 2020


Air traffic is booming – and there’s no end in sight. Projections show that passenger and freight fleets are going to almost double by 2035. Are your airport and IT infrastructure ready for this? Can you handle every boost to growth, and seize every opportunity to grow even further? Are you able to inspire the airlines and their customers with the highest quality service at attractive prices?


Terminal & Apron IoT

The combination of IoT, Prediction and Machine Learning called at T-Systems IoT@Airports. IoT@Airport helps our airport customers not only to monitor comfort or process parameters. Through the coupling of technologies within our portfolio stack T-Systems solutions enabling airport stakeholders to monitor, analyze and forecast situations during airport operations and give so additionally situational awareness. Passenger flow or behavior in the terminal as well as utilization of terminal-equipment can be seen as one benefit. Another is optimizing apron and ground-handling processes within the turnaround of aircraft. Point-up and solving of challenges and issues before they are going to happen that’s IoT@Airports. As you see, T-Systems IoT solution offers many advantages for saving time, money and costs, optimizing processes, supporting airport systems and create new business opportunities for airports.


Ground Handling Management

Some of the biggest challenges in Ground Handling nowadays are (1) ensuring sustainability in a growing industry, (2) reducing ground handling incidents, (3) overcoming the challenges of increasing air traffic, (4) reducing aircraft damage and (5) adapting systems and adopting technology to meet customer demand. So, finally, each flight need to be handled with high quality to ensure an on time performance and on time departure. For all this, T-Systems International helps Ground Handling companies with its GHAMS - Ground Handling Management Solution suite, starting with long/mid/short term planning for your mobile resources, rostering, daily operational dispatching and observation as well as analyzing data to achieve all this. IoT can support GHAMS and makes it fit for the future.


Airfield Monitoring & Analytics (A-CDM)

T-Systems airfield monitoring & analytics solutions provides an overview of the live activities happening on the airfield. Together with the ACDM solution this provides a platform whereby all stakeholders at the airport can collaboratively track and manage all activities and efficiently manage the aircraft turnarounds. This leads to more effective use of airport resources, better on time performance and optimizing the available airport and runway capacity. These systems are built on years of experience in the aviation industry by T-Systems airport solutions.

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