• IoT Day 2018 – Das Industrieforum

    IoT Day 2018 - The Discussion Board for the Manufacturing Industry


25 October 2018

09:00 AM - 06:00 PM


MAN Truck Forum, Munich
Dachauer Str. 570, 80995 München


no charge

IoT Day 2018

The IoT Day is a one-day event, which focuses on the topic internet-of-things (IoT).


Target Audience

The main target group this year is the manufacturing industry. In open formats, we will discuss with you news, possibilities and developments of internet-of-things topics targeting the manufacturing industry. It is highly desired by us to create an interactive environment and the chosen formats are made to constitute an atmosphere, which promotes discussions, as well as exchanges.


Focus Areas


New Services & Business Model

Already start planning your future business today. As a result of the digitalization there are new business models for your enterprise available. Check the possibilities now.


Security & Transparency 

Update your manufacturing environment to the current state-of-the-art and prepare it for the future. Digital solutions will help you to recognize your personal benefits.


New Industrial Work 

Make sure specialists knowledge is available every time you need it for your company with the use of digital devices, which can guarantee said demand. These will save you time and money!





If you require further information or would like to attend the event, please contact the main contact person André Weiss.


We look forward to meeting you in Munich and spending a productive and informative day!


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