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Who we are and how we work

T-Systems MMS as an employer

Employee orientated, innovative and highly energetic - the modern work environment of the T-Systems MMS. Get an insight of our daily worklife and realize why we are the right company for your professional career path.

6 good reasons
for working at T-Systems MMS

Diverse projects, exciting topics and new technologies paired with responsibility and self-initiative or shortly summarized: Working for T-Systems MMS. All these premises can help you support your personal developement such as your professional acknowledgement. Needless to say there are a lot more arguments speaking for us - the most important ones are summed up in the following:

We ♥ knowledge

We are able to offer you a wide range of possibilities that will help improving your state of education and developement - it does not matter if you are looking for a job as a newcomer, as an already experienced employee or in a leading position.

• diverse career paths
• flexible working departments
• variety of internal and external further education (for example via communities, training events and barcamps)

We are family friendly

Every stage of life is special. You think connecting your private life and your job is not possible? We offer flexible working hour schemes as well as the following services:

• support for childcare (placement, emergency care, parent-child office)
• consulting and placement in matters of domestic environment and fostering
• MMS-childrens day (insights in the colorful IT-world for children of our employees)

We are balanced & healthy

Your health and well-being are important to us. Therefore we offer plenty of health-enhancing services:

• exercising and relaxation offerings
• team sport events
• bike leasing
• medical prevention
• employee and leading consulting
• overtime pool for overhours

We are flexible

Flexible working environment due to digital transformation. When and where we work from is often not essential anymore. Therefore the following conditions apply to us:

• 38-hour-week with 30 days of holiday
• flexible confidential working hours without core time
• home-office and flexible working spaces
• part-time (with guarantee to come back full)
• part-time work for older employees

We have fun

Being friendly and kind with one another is what we cherish the most in order to provide a healthy working culture. And of course we know how to celebrate our achievments altogether:

• celebrating the start of the year - kick-off
• digital life camp created by employees followed by the MMS day (barcamp)
• childrens day
• chill & grill – various team events

We offer more

Besides a guaranteed annual income we offer following bonus benefits:

• retirement planning financed through employer (and optional through employee)
• capital-forming payments
• special leave regulations
• various offerings and discounts for employees
• supporting lunch sustenance

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