• Sustainable mobility management in companies.

    Active management of mobility data in your company.

Digital platform for sustainability

The complete platform solution for enterprise mobility management

With the Paris Climate Agreement, the world community committed itself to curbing climate change. This has already led to changes in legislation in many countries. In Germany, for example, the German Parliament (Bundestag) passed the Climate Protection Act (KSG). It specifically states that annual greenhouse gas emissions should be reduced by 65% by 2030. In order to achieve these international and national goals, more than 600 companies worldwide have already committed themselves to climate neutrality. In the area of active mobility management alone, which mainly covers commuting and business trips, a 20% savings potential of CO2 emissions is predicted. Equipped with the awareness of your employees to contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by changing their mobility awareness, your company can reach these goals faster and also avoid high financial compensation payments. In addition to the financial savings of the compensation payments, you as a company actively take responsibility for the sustainability of our climate, which has a decisive positive influence on your attractiveness as an employer. With our sustainability platform - an enterprise solution for companies to be able to report the CO2 balance of employee mobility of employees - this data is compiled on a platform, evaluated and communicated directly to your employees with recommendations.

  • CO2 balance

    Companies are called upon to reconcile their productive business with
    climate protection goals and to roll out and demonstrate this in all business
    processes, in future-proof energy concepts and in employee mobility.
    A fast, valid and efficient procedure for creating a CO2 balance or a
    sustainability report is therefore becoming more and more an
    integral part of companies.

  • The enterprise solution for companies to display the CO2 balance of employees

    In corporate mobility management, savings potentials of more than 20 %
    are predicted. Equipped with the awareness of employees to help control the
    reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through a change in mobility awareness,
    companies can achieve these goals faster and also avoid high financial
    compensation payments.

The Enterprise Platform and its functions





> Collection of mobility data for personal evaluation via APP

> Determination and transmission of the CO2 data to the platform

> Monitoring of CO2 emissions

> HotSpot analysis, data export and deriving measures to avoid or reduce CO2 emissions

> continuous recording over time

> Compensation

> Complete CO2 balance

> Recommendations directly to the user in the App

> Detection of emission hotspots

> Measures to reduce CO2

> The dates are evaluated and communicated at regular intervals with the calculated target achievement values

> The evidence is automatically included in the company's balance sheet

Data based evaluations with ongoing Recommendations for action to reduce the CO2 footprint as well as available compensation options


  • Data collection of the routes via app

    The app tracks the routes . The distinctions between commute to work, business trips or private routes
    enable a differentiated analysis for data collection.

  • Selection of different means of transportat

    The stored vehicle-typical emission values are calculated with the actual length of the route and the time required. As a result, the detailed evaluation of the actual CO2 consumption of the distance covered is displayed. The physically correct calculations are carried out using AI-supported measurements.

  • Processing of the data

    The CO2 values are calculated physically correctly using AI-supported measurements.
    The workers receive data-based suggestions for reducing the CO2 footprint and available compensation
    options. The platform also provides flexible connection options to other booking systems
    such as business trips, fleet management, flight booking systems, etc.

  • Monitoring of the data

    All values are displayed in the dashboard for evaluation and analysis of the
    development of the CO2 footprint are made available. There is monitoring and
    proof of target achievement.

The sustainability platform:

A technical ecosystem with flexible extensibility, interfaces and playout channels



Scope of services

  • Administration portal
  • Open authentication mechanisms
  • UI themes for customised branding
  • Adaptation of the interface according to accessibility criteria
  • Open interface model for connecting third-party systems (booking systems for business trips)
  • Direct user feedback back into product development 



Special requirements are possible

  • Personal carpool and alternative drives can be deposited 
  • Gamification features 
  • Create personal incentives 
  • Personal statistics 
  • Mapping carpools in the Footprint (data collection) 
  • CO2 community 
  • Alternative travel options 
  • Connection to route-specific public transport timetables 



Customized Apps for more identity and team spirit 




Adapting the app to the  corporate design of your company: Header, Button and Icons.

On the start screen app, your employees are greeted with the company logo and a company claim.

With the integration of the brand colors of your company the app becomes the firmly integrated component of your enterprise.

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