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Nowadays, a compelling product alone is not enough to keep consumers happy. It is becoming increasingly important for companies to offer their customers a comprehensive package that includes both high-quality products and outstanding service.
Our solutions for your service include:

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Enterprise Process Portals

Customised service portals offer businesses the opportunity to make relevant business processes transparent, efficient and tangible for their customers, staff and partners. Our solutions increase user satisfaction, reduce process costs and facilitate new business models.

Cross Channel Commerce

We create and deliver cross-channel customer journeys, offering seamlessly integratable solutions for the touchpoints online, mobile, POS and customer service, but also for sales solutions in vehicles, in field work or anywhere where digital media have become a part of everyday life. We consult on and implement cross-channel solutions with a view to consolidated data management via PIM, CRM and related systems, efficient multi-channel business processes and cross-channel services for end customers.

Supporting the customer on the Adobe Marketing Cloud

Business Intelligence & Big Data

We combine tried and tested business intelligence and data warehouse techniques with new, powerful big data technologies, enabling our clients to take control of the flood of data and extract valuable knowledge on customers and business processes.

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Customer Service Solutions

We enable our clients to operate standardised customer dialogues across all customer contact points, offering companies with a large number of customer interactions consulting and implementation services for customer and service centre solutions and integrated CRM systems for marketing, sales and service based on leading product solutions.

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Contracting Commerce

E-commerce and e-services increasingly require the replication of complex contractual and tariff structures alongside precisely tailored pricing models. That specifically means providing, monitoring and controlling business processes for this particular kind of e-commerce. We assist our clients with industry knowledge on (framework) contract handling, tariffs, subscriptions and leasing models, integrating online shops and customer self services, and replicating complex product configurations and ordering processes.

Customer service with a future

We advise and support you with various services to make your service more customer-friendly.

salesforce.com-Sales Cloud

Innovative self services

Self services give users the independent ability to make use of products and services. On the one hand, there are self services that operate in one direction only, such as instructional videos and promotional films, and on the other hand there are self services that operate both ways, like terminals, telephones and the internet. The extent to which self services are used depends very much on the industry in question, however. We advise our customers in the identification of specific self service offerings. This ranges from an analysis of the specific environment to advice and consultation and, finally, to the recommendation. We also provide solutions and products for standard self services, their implementation and the integration of back end systems and partner solutions, e.g. RightNow, eGain and The SelfService Company. The use of self services enables a marked reduction in process costs, improved customer retention and increased customer satisfaction.

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Salesforce CRM

We configure solutions and a CRM system tailored to the needs of our customers in order to increase the efficiency and productivity of your sale, to make sales processes more transparent or to give you a 360-degree view of your customers. With the salesforce.com sales cloud, a comprehensive sales toolkit, you can access information on potential or existing customers and their activities. We also work with our customers to develop a suitable CRM strategy, support them in the introduction of the CRM system, take over national and international roll-out management, deliver training and take care of the entire project management if required. The advantages of our project approach, which is aligned with the features of cloud-based solutions, are short development and roll-out cycles, small project teams and tight cost control.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality

Augmented reality (AR) expands our perception of reality by superimposing digital information onto our field of vision. We use AR as a technology to reach customers in tune with the times and clearly show them additional information about the origins of a product or the product details.

Social Business

(Brand) communities

We guide you towards successful social business with your own community: is your company or your brand already represented on social networks like Facebook and Twitter and you would like to enhance your reach or your image? We assist you in establishing your community.

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