Your first steps into the digital world.


How to get here

You have no idea what an Internet and multimedia service provider does? Here's your opportunity to find out. Apply for work experience with us or come and visit us for a day with your class. We'll show you our world and what you can do here.

Work experience

Work experience with us offers you a look behind the scenes of one of Germany's largest Internet agencies. We'll show you how we work in the commercial or technical sector of T-Systems Multimedia Solutions, and will be happy to answer all your questions. Work experience placements should last one or two weeks and ideally take place in April or May of a year. To find out how to apply, visit the Deutsche Telekom website.

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School trips

Your school is having a project day, or your class wants to get a taste of everyday business at an Internet agency? Then come and visit us! An excursion to our offices will offer you insights into our work. We'll show you what we do and how we work. You'll meet the people behind the screens and discover how we spend our breaks. You should be interested in STIM (Science, Technology, Informatics and Mathematics) subjects and have about three hours to spend with us. If you have any questions or want to make an appointment, don't hesitate to contact Anja Schunk.

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You're one of tomorrow's experts, and we'll help you get there. We are one of the main practice partners of Telekom Ausbildung, and cooperate with them to offer the following traineeships:
• Qualified IT Specialist for Application Development
• Qualified IT Specialist for Systems Integration
• IT Sales Specialist
• Management Assistant in Office Communication
During your traineeship you'll get to know the various areas of our company and gain practice-related insights into the wide range of your chosen job profile from the very first day. More information on the traineeships, the jobs they qualify you for and the application process is available on the website of Deutsche Telekom.
We look forward to receiving your application!

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Cooperative Degree Courses

In cooperation with Telekom Ausbildung we offer you the opportunity to gain a university degree while gathering practical experience at the same time. Our cooperative courses lead to degrees in
• Business Information Systems (Bachelor of Science)
• Communications and Media Informatics (Bachelor of Engineering)
• Information Engineering (Bachelor of Engineering)
Detailed information on the degree courses, the curriculum and the application process can be found on the Deutsche Telekom website.

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Girls' Day

Smart girls are always welcome in our firm. On Girls' Day you can get to know us and many exciting IT jobs.
We will show you a variety of tasks and opportunities.

E-mail Anja Schunk

Genial Sozial

In our firm you can combine social commitment and getting to know T-Systems Multimedia solutions very well. On "Genial Sozial" day you work in our company for one day and collect a donation for a project against poverty.

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